LOVE QUOTE – carboncarlos: Wont you stay here with me.We can grow old underneath a tree or eat lemon cake and…




Wont you stay here with me.

We can grow old underneath a tree or eat lemon cake and drink coffee.

I can spend my days recounting all the fingers on your hand while we walk to class or we could fall asleep in the back seat of a van in a hot parking lot waiting for something mundane.

We could visit all the local walmarts at 2 in the A.M. in nothing but flip flops and slippers and make the time to buy that chocolate milk you love so much.

I could bore you with video game lore and you can teach me about animals.

I can make you laugh without talking, even when I’m not there.

wont you stay here with me and find out what forever can feel like when you find someone who can only imagine forever with you.  

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