Life Quote – “i. He’s no angel. ii. All those galaxies in his eyes that you once wrote about are not there, and…”

Quote and Saying about life

i. He’s no angel.

ii. All those galaxies in his eyes that you once wrote about are not there, and there is no electricity in his fingertips. He is just a boy. Nothing more.

iii. There is no sun that reflects in his smile; yes, you used to orbit him, but can’t you see you were simply a moth trapped in pursuit of a flame?

iv. He is fire, and though he glows bright, he burns. He is just a boy, remember: all he wants to do is find a girl who will lay down with him on his funeral pyre and go up in smoke with him.

v. He is afraid of being alone, he is afraid of death, he told you that much. So when his days come to a close and his bright blue eyes dim, he needs someone to lose everything alongside him so he can feel brave.

vi. He is not as happy nor as kind as he seems. During the days, yes, he lives life as it comes and laughs with you and you make faces at each other across the room and you held hands once at the beach. But the night comes, and he is full of mortality and laughs at you and he keeps trying to find the most beautiful flower just for himself so he uproots all the other blooms in the garden just to leave them laying broken on the ground and you are a daisy but he wants a rose.

v. He’s just a boy, and even though you’ve always loved blue eyes because they reminded you of the strength of your father and joy of your sister and the warmth of your brother and the ocean and the sky, now all you see in them is him.

vi. You never believed in love at first sight but when he smiled at you, you thought that all the joy in him was all you could want your entire life. You didn’t believe in love at first right before this boy, and you don’t believe in love after him.

vii. Darling, he catches girls like fireflies in a jar, so he can be entranced with the light only to try and pick the one shining brightest and calling it his own.

viii. Do not fall into his eyes; you will want to swim in them, but you will drown. They are like tar: once in, never out. You can find the bones of the others girls who fell in lying beneath the blue.

ix. He’s no angel.

viii. Run before he steals your wings.

noddingpeonies, He’s no angel

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