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Succulent Jewelry That Looks Incredibly Real Is Made From Polymer Clay

While Succulents are great plants to have to adorn your rooms, they can also now be worn as stylish jewelry to make a bold fashion statement.

Russia based artist Diana Boreysha from Opoto offers a gorgeous collection that will enthrall you! The unconventional rings and dainty earrings will make you stand out in the crowd and show the world how you are in par with the hot trend.  So are you in need of a statement piece to brighten your look? Put a succulent on it. Want a delicate ring with an organic vibe? Put a succulent ring on your slender fingers. Are you trying to rock the flower crown trend in a new, creative way? Put a succulent on it. Jewelry made from real life succulents may wilt or even lose its beauty after repeated usage but Diana’s polymer clay creations are here to last forever unless you accidentally drop them!

It is high time to swap traditional accessories for these little beauties that come in a myriad variety of shades. So get yours today! Find them in her Etsy shop.

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