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Spellbinding Bohemian Jewelry by Daria Zueva

Russian artist Daria Zueva specializes in creating electroplated and resin jewelry from with an enchanting and bewitching sensibility. Zueva uses a range of minerals, such as fluorite, jade and amethyst to create an atmospheric setting.  Showcased at Moscow ECO Fashion Week 2015, the designers pieces are a symbol of femininity, beauty and mystery. The magical series is part of her Summer/Spring 2016 collection titled, Tales Of The Northern Forest. Each handmade adornment proves to be a spell-binding, bohemian effort fit for a fairy tale.

Although Zueva implements a range of wild flowers and other organic material, she usually uses dried lavender to add a delicate perception to her work.To intensify the theme of nature, the architecture of her creations; pendants have been manipulated to resemble nature; they mimic the form of tree branches and roots buried deep beneath the ground. The heavily ornate plates follow intricate Victorian design patterns, which complements the use of lavender, a popular flower in the Victorian Era.

Overall most of Zueva’s pieces contain a combination of beauty and magic within them. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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