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Magical Handmade Stone And Metal Crowns by Melissa Loschy

Melissa Loschy from Loschy creates inventive, handmade crowns for statement accessories. The magical tiaras are less feminine, but charming because of the ethereal and edgy looks they inspire. The bold crowns are made with blades, rough, edged stones, with wood, filigree and fabric adorning it. Her process involves using image printed water resistant paper and crafting untraditional and intricate crowns inspired by nature, magic, history and witchcraft.

There’s a rough pattern in their design, a strong helm of radiating blades, spikes and sharp-edged plates adorned with jagged shimmering stones, delicate filigree in unconventional colors which makes them unique and a collection of statement jewelry not to be trifled with. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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