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Bespoke Antique Jewelry Collected by Husband and Wife

If the thought of many decades of history woven behind a piece of bespoke jewelry keeps you up at night, then Trademark Antiques, a Pennsylvania based Etsy shop might have something you have been seeking all this time.

No need to go out and spend time hunting for these treasures. Jessica and Jason are here to help. The duo offers a carefully curated collection of antique and vintage estate jewelry and engagement rings, along with pins and brooches, the husband and wife’s passion for it being very evident. They have mentioned on Etsy that their jewelry adventure had begun as a hobby in the year 2008 and soon had spun into a full-time business. Initially, the couple pursued their passion as antique buyers and sellers during weeknights or on weekends. But after the birth of their son, Joshua, Jessica left her day job as an attorney to raise her child and to focus on her online jewelry boutique. Get them here!

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