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Beauty of Scenic European Cities  Encapsulated in Modern Illustrations

Freelance illustrator from Sydney, Maxwell Tilse takes his art supplies with him each time he plans to travel, documenting his travel diaries through detailed illustrations.

This series celebrates the fusion of two of his passions, travel and art, together. He etches the geometric beauty of buildings and architectural structures, painting picturesque towns in markers. His adventures began after Tilse left university in Sydney where the young, self-taught artist started taking drawing seriously;

Tilse’s sketches done in Indian ink and nib also have watercolour washes in pastel shades to encapsulate the beauty of the vast sky; sometimes it is painted in various hues of blue and purple, at times in the soft shades to depict twilight. Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Chefchaouen, Strasbourg, Manarola, Barcelona and many other idyllic cities have been portrayed by the artist in a way that you would want to pack your bags and escape in the effervescent Europe. Find his work in his Etsy shop.

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