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1. Love is a powerful emotion but an overly used word. Just because one says they love you and their eyes look right into yours as they say it, it doesn’t mean that they actually do.
Judge the genuinity of their love by their actions and not their words.

2. When you’re angry, don’t write out your anger and send it to others. They may use it as written proof to manipulate situations and put you behind bars after their failed suicide attempt even though it had nothing to do with what you or what you said but because they want to ‘make you pay’.

3. Grades while not everything are important. What are you going to do with the wonderful memory of a dozen parties when you can’t move on to the next grade with all your friends or not be able to choose the electives you want to or never get a call from you dream college.

4. Once you post something online it always stays. You may delete it but the internet never does. Don’t be in a rush to put all your life online and monitor your privacy/security settings more often.

5. Click pictures. God. Click so many of them. Selfies. Group pictures. Landscapes. Apartments.Food. Moments. Right now you remember everything but do you remember anything from when you were 7? 10 years later you will be glad to have captured your life because as much as you may want to believe, your past life reduces to only the moments you remember and not all the moments you have had.

6. Strangers online can be charming. They can be a cute boy aged 18 telling you how awesome you are or a 45 year old creep in his basement telling you the same while pretending to be that 18 year old. Everyone (almost) has a Facebook page/Instagram/Twitter. If they say no, they are clearly (99%) lying to you.

7. Once the stranger online does send you their social media link, make sure you drop in a message on the profile they shared with you. It’s very easy to impersonate people online and even easier to steal images.

8. Once a backstabber always a backstabber.
Do you really think a manipulative retard like them only has one knife? They have a whole collection and your back wounded or not will always seem like a good place to stick them.
I’m not saying don’t forgive people. Forgive them but don’t let them in again.

9. Don’t carry your diary/journal to school. I know that’s when you write the most but someday you are going to slip and that day a bunch of boys will steal it, take it to the boy’s washroom, read it and bully you for the rest of your school life.
If you really must, save it like it’s your baby.

10. There are nice teachers and there are mean teachers as well.
Some teachers really do care about your well being and hence they may be a little harsh on you sometimes. But some teachers love discussing the things you told them in confidence in the staff room with the other teachers so you may want to censor what you spill.

11. That girl is mean to you because of her own insecurities. I know it’s hard to believe but you sleep a lot more peacefully at night than she ever will because you know and accept your flaws while she focuses on the flaws of everyone around her to never face hers.

12. Just because all your friends are losing their virginity at a certain age doesn’t mean you’re next in line. You may not even be in that line. You may be in another where you wait for 5 more years and that’s completely okay. Sex is great but it’s not a race. You must be accepting of your own body before you let someone else inside. Literally.

13. Adults fuck up too. Turning 18 is a mere legal recognition of being able to do certain things and not a universal ability and declaration of maturity and responsibility and wisdom.

14. Don’t let yourself go. If you see you’ve gained a little weight, exercise, eat better. Because if you don’t, it will be 5 years later and you will be looking at old pictures and thinking ‘woah, there was a time when I looked like that’.

15. Friends want what’s best for you but they want what’s better for them. Accept it and don’t be foolishly selfless. It’s you before all your friends, at least it should be unless you want to have a mental break down.

16. You aren’t as mature as you think you are to deal with guys who are a decade or half older than you. Trust me darling, you’re not, even if it feels like it. They are on paragraphs while you’re still on the alphabet and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

17. Sometimes they don’t need to physically force you because mentally/emotionally they already have. And that too is abuse.

18. You don’t have to fit in a particular category or type or identify with just one or a part of your nationality/religion/race and you don’t have to be defined by a set of words because you aren’t words or classifications – you are a human being and that’s right where your classification stops.

19. Do whatever you want to irrespective of who says what because the only person who has to bear the consequences is you. In the end, even if you aren’t happy with the consequences you will know it was your choice and your sole decisions that got you there. It’s a lot easier to accept failure and other bad results and pick yourself back up when you don’t have the blame game option in your back pack.


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