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Quote and Saying about Love



Sarah Sophie Flicker: I’m reposting this quote because I love it so damn much. Happy Weekend! “I noticed that when my children reached the age of about twelve the balance of power shifted from me to them. I have sometimes felt myself in the quandary of a chicken who has hatched duck eggs: my children took to the water I remained on the riverbank. But I cherish my own independence too much to begrudge them theirs. I do better on the bank cheering them on. If I keep a respectful distance they welcome me into their lives almost as wholeheartedly as I welcomed them into mine when they were born. Almost because even the most affectionate adult children maintain with their parents a healthy reservation that marks the boundary of their autonomy. I am more impressed by what my children have taught me than by what I may have taught them. The physical purpose of reproduction is obviously the continuation and renewal of genetic continuity human survival. Its psychological purpose seems to me to be a particularly poignant kind of mutual learning and matters being equal ineffable comfort.”- Anne Truitt #stayhuman #feministmoms

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