Famous quotes tell me why I can when I think I cant. Why thinking diff…

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Famous quotes tell me why I can when I think I cant. Why thinking differently will change my reality. Why everything I am lies beyond what I think I can do. So I struggle against. I push beyond. I do more. I feel tired. I get headaches. I feel guilty for not going past my limits. I wonder what a limit is. Isnt it a boundary a guidepost? I watch myself from a distance. She works hard. She attends to people she loves. She shows up. Shes tired. She has limits. She is a slow girl in a fast world. She likes to stare out windows and sit in soft chairs. She likes to be away from clocks and breathe fresh air. She likes to talk to trees and watch squirrels. She wants to do good things. Help people. Be there. Take responsibility. Make a difference. Are differences made when done slow? On the good days I see the possibilities. On the bad days I feel like I'm failing. I know how to speed up Ive been perfecting it for years. It helps me fit. When I stop I dont fit but I am peace. The world continues to move and shake without me I become anxious. I love my work and my roles I am productive. I love to daydream I am slow. These impulses are incompatible puzzle pieces; they fight. So I notice. And sleep and write and talk about it. I recognize limitations as boundaries and guideposts. I practice accepting them. They are there for safety for wellness. Even if the quotes tell me differently.

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