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You’re here because you value one thing above all else. Freedom. Freedom to live the life
hungry for, the life you crave. Freedom to travel. Freedom to adventure. Freedom to
create, grow,
and play. Freedom to work from anywhere. Freedom to make the absolute most of the short life
got on the tiny pale blue dot we call Earth…

And, we’d chance a bet that you’d do just about anything to get it.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, blogger or freelancer who works countless hours to
fund your next
adventure. Or a consultant, coach or creative professional who puts up with demanding clients as
long as it means being your own boss. Or a social media influencer who’s at the beck and call of
your partners and sponsors in exchange for location independence. Or a passionate
9-5’er who takes
as much time off as humanly possible, even if it’s unpaid, to travel the world…

You’re not interested in sporadic and torturous tastes of freedom. Oh no, you want the real deal.
The whole 9 yards, kitchen sink, full monty kind of freedom. You want to…

We wanted all that too. And we found a way to get it.

First things first, we’re not telling you to quit your job, ditch your business, axe your clients, sell
everything and hit the road, Jack. No siree. Because that sort of freedom is fleeting, a short-term deal
which will eventually end with you dragging your feet back to reality.

You see, our definition of freedom comes with no reality check.
We believe in a life where true freedom
is real life.

A life where you can do and live as we please, 100% of the time.

We’re not saying abandon your obligations and commitments. No. We’re saying CHOOSE the ones that
worth it. Find balance and harmony in your already amazing life. Explore the wonders of the
world while
also appreciating the comforts of home.

We have cars, homes, personal trainers, fave coffee shops and a community. We love having a home-base,
and big bottle of shampoo, a mailbox (oh the little things). We choose where and when we wanna getaway
and, no matter what, we always have our comfy beds to come back to when we need to recuperate, reflect,
and reset.

To us, freedom isn’t about abandoning life. It’s about designing it…

How you design it is completely up to you. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to give you the
you need to make it possible – the exact stupidly-simple system we followed to travel the world
millionaires, without putting our lives on pause. Think of it as the “how to” of lifestyle

Ok, in the spirit of full-disclosure, we didn’t just get a free month’s stay in a 1500
square foot
suite with breathtaking water views, we also got food, spa services, adventures, sporting
transportation and even laundry services for the month totally free (more on that in a second)…

And that’s not even counting the midnight beach parties, sunset sails, fresh caught seafood, whole
fruit mango daiquiris, and nightly live music. Those were just the cherries on top.

Aside from our flights and the occasional (frequent) nights out, we didn’t pay a single dime
for one
of the most unforgettable times of our lives. We spent 30 days living it up on one of the
beautiful beaches in the world and we’re going to show you how you can too.

But, we’re finally ready to let the cat out of the bag and share our proven system for
getting free
accommodation anywhere in the world so you too can experience the freedom, adventure
and growth you
deserve. The secret behind the Five Star Freedom is simple. It’s good ol’ fashioned bartering.

You see, every single hotel in the world is (almost) always located next to other
hotels. The most
beautiful and sought-after travel destinations are hotbeds of hotel competition, each one
fighting to gain a competitive edge. That’s where we come in.

After spending years working in online marketing and sales, we knew we had something the
wanted – the knowledge, strategies, and tactics they needed to out-book their
competition. And they
had something we wanted – luxury accommodation in paradise. Obviously. The rest was

We put together a simple sales proposal and hotel marketing method and boom! After 2 phone calls
a gorgeous 5-star mediterranean-style resort, we were packing our bags for paradise!

Sure, you could take this idea and run with it. After all, bartering has been around for
centuries …

In fact, we’ll do more than just show you. We’ll GIVE YOU the exact proposal we used to
land this deal…

We’ll GIVE YOU the exact sales process and call scripts we followed. We’ll even
confidential email swipe files that you can literally cut, paste and send. And,
of course, we’ll
give you our step-by-step marketing system that you can use to help any hotel
worldwide increase
their bookings, and it won’t take you more than an hour or so during your stay at the resort.
That means you have the rest of the day to lay on the beach, adventure, or grow your current
business. We’ve put these strategies to the test and done all the hard-work for you so
you can
get on the fast-track to freedom and hit the beach (or wherever your dream
destination may be)
as quickly as possible…

Alex and Leanne were a tremendous help in establishing creative SOP’s that not only
simplified our marketing processes but made them way more effective. Through their
various cost efficient strategies, we were able to increase guest satisfaction and
repeat customers by almost 300%! In addition, with the help of Alex & Leanne, we
optimized our TripAdvisor account and went from a low 3-star satisfaction rate to
consecutively winning the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Award for the past 4 years,
remaining in the Top Best Value and Top Rated Resorts in the country. We’re so glad
have worked with Alex and Leanne (we didn’t want them to leave!) and would love to
do so
again in the near future.

It was wonderful to have Alex and Leanne stay at our resort for the month of July in
2011. Their marketing tips and strategies greatly helped our business at Monaco
Suites de Boracay. We saw quite a large increase in site traffic, as well as
bookings, as a result of their YouTube video reviews (which now have a total of over
146,000 views). The girls also helped get our hotel set up on Trip Advisor which was
invaluable to the business. Monaco Suites de Boracay won the Traveler’s Choice Award
twice in 2013, and again in 2015! The hotel is now ranked as #15 among the top 25
Luxury Hotels in the Philippines. The customer review strategy they implemented
worked great. Today, there are hundreds of 5-star reviews online from happy
customers who stayed at the resort. I can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed
working with these ladies. Their “exchange deal” was a very unique experience and
allowed for a small boutique hotel, like ours, with a very minimal marketing budget,
to get world-class marketing training. I would recommend Alex and Leanne’s training
to any hotels looking to improve their online presence and gain a competitive

The online tools and techniques Leanne and Alex taught us have been wonderful for our
business. Their video review of our spa is something we’re truly proud of. It made a
real difference in getting our small local business into the eyes and hearts of more
than 7,000 people since it was posted on YouTube. These ladies’ passion for sharing
their rich travel experiences and marketing know-how will inspire anyone with the
heartfelt need to peek beyond the horizon of their office cubicle. Thanks, Leanne
and Alex, for sharing Bella Isa with your dedicated following and for those who
learned about us through your creative efforts! Please come back and see us

Alexandra and Leanne visited us at Fisheye Divers in Boracay and made a very nice
video of their experience with us. They posted the clip on YouTube and it has since
had thousands of views. This has been invaluable to us in increasing our company
exposure and I have no doubt that it has lead directly to more booking for our
business. Thank you Alexandra and Leanne, I look forward to your future visit!

My business partner, Julia, and I opened the Lemoni Cafe on the island of Boracay
back in 2005. As small business owners we recognize the importance of being present
online in order to reach new customers and grow our local business. Alex and Leanne
use unique and authentic online marketing techniques that really work! Their video
review of our cafe has well over 10,000 views so far and has definitely helped us in
our marketing efforts. Thanks ladies!

The Five Star Freedom system is a series of audio tracks that you can download and add to
computer, tablet or smartphone. Listen to them on the beach, or while you’re dreaming of the
beach, whatever works best for you. Each module is short and sweet. We truly believe
experience trumps content any day of the week. So, if you plan to judge the
of the program
by the hours and hours of audio content, you’ll be sorely disappointed. We purposely left
the fluff and instead included tons of action guides, scripts and swipe
designed to get
you feelin’ the freedom as quickly as possible.

So, we thought long and hard about what would be a fair fee that would cover our costs of
the Five Star Freedom System, while also making sure it’s accessible to those of you who we know
will make us proud and use it to create the life of your dreams…

Because that will be the biggest reward of all.

We believe so strongly in the power of our system that we’re willing to do something unheard of. We
it our Forever Free Guarantee. If, after showing us that you followed our system to a T and still
land a 5-star stay in a dream destination, we’ll happily refund you every single penny of the
price FOREVER. There’s no deadline. We want nothing more than for you to experience the 5 star
you deserve month after month and are willing to do whatever it takes to help you get there… and if
some reason our system isn’t the ticket (although we’re pretty sure it is), we’d rather you spend
money by treating yourself to one night at a discounted 5-star hotel down the street.

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Click here to get Five Star Freedom System | Freedify at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.
Five Star Freedom System | Freedify is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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