Coming Home To Cancer: Now Death Is Really Near

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“Theres No Such Place As Far Away”by Richard Bach,is a lovely book.It appeals to all ages,& is beautifully written.In Bach’s story,a man journeys to attend a five year old girls birthday;he flies with the help of various wise birds.At each leg of his journey,the birds leave him with profound questions about the nature of time,separation,& growing up.The book ends with a triumphant statement that declares separation and even death illusions that can never sever the bond between loving immortal souls. The blog spot from which I Pinned the cover for this book was written by a young woman undergoing the painful process of watching her beloved mother die from cancer.I cried upon reading it.I have lost SO many dear ones to cancer,& have faced it myself.I know exactly how it feels to watch helplessly as a loved one slips further away into other realms each day.My heart went out to both mother & daughter.The daughter ends her blog with my favorite quote from the book;”You have no Birthday,because you have always lived.You were never born,because you have always lived.You were never born,& will never die.You are not the child of the people you call “Mother”&”Father”;but their fellow adventurer on a bright journey to understand things that are.Fly free and happy,beyond Forever, And we’ll meet now & then,when we wish,in the midst of the great celebration that can never end*” One grieves for this mother & her daughter;I hope the Creator gives comfort to both souls.The daughter will need the most;death is hardest on the survivors.For those finding their way through any painful process of separation,whether it be by death or simple distance,this book can be helpful;the words are a balm for bruised hearts.And because all of us WILL experience the pain of separation,and even death,if we live on Earth long enough,this book can be a helpful addition to any library. C.cominghometocan…

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