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"The first obstacle with wanting to slow down and not being able to make it happen is not about changing what’s on your calendar so much as it is about understanding what a slower pace really means for your family. It’s about knowing what you are looking for when you say, "I don't want to be this busy." Join the Ban Busy Challenge today. (it's free!)

Arabic Quote – شكراً كلمة تستحقها بكل ما تحمله معها من معنى ♡ شكراً على كلمات تنير القلب من بين الثقوب الكثيرة فيه شكراً تنبع من وسط حرب وأقول حرب وانا أعنيها شكراً لوقتك الذي منحته لمن يبحث عن اﻷمل وهو في آخر رمق شكراً ♡

Parenting Quote – Me: “Good morning.” 5yo: “Mom, you don’t have to say that. I just saw you yester…