Arabic Quote – uonthaaa: Ok … by now you all should know that I am a Glow-Hoe…

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Ok … by now you all should know that I am a Glow-Hoe .. 

So When I repeatedly watch makeup artists rave about Ofra cosmetics I knew I HAD to try it!.

So I bought the “Ofra Professional Makeup Palette – On the Glow”. 

It contains six best-selling Ofra highlighters and bronzers:

Beverly Hills Highlighter, Rodeo Drive Highlighter, Blissful Highlighter.

California Dream Triangle, 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer and Americano Bronzer.

The formula for both the bronzers and the highlighters is so creamy and buttery I don’t know how they’re powders!!! it’s soft and goes on the skin smoothly and they’re easy to blend. 

The highlighters are blinding !!! and that’s the entire point! if you can’t blind your enemies are you even glowing?? I have also been using them as shadows which work beautifully .. 

The bronzers have a warm tone so I don’t think that you can use them as contour .. 

The only thing I don’t like is that there is a lot of fall out from the powders. But even with the mess they make in the palette it hasn’t stopped me from using them again and again!!! 

I got mine from this shop .. for 595sr ..  trust me it’s worth it! 

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