35 Best Farewell Quotes And Goodbye Quotes

Why farewell quotes and sayings. When we start school or go to college and sit with new students and try to make new friends. We can’t forget these days of our life because many of our friends are from those classmates. We study together and spend more of our time together, so we become good friends like the right family.

After a few years, there was a time when our seniors and then we complete our studies, and it’s time to go out and start our professional career or higher studies. To make this time memorable like our first day at college is adorable and we can’t forget this day, we celebrate farewell parties. We give a farewell party to our seniors, and our juniors give us a farewell party when we complete our study and our late day at college our universities.

What are some good farewell sayings?

There are many different ways to make this day more beautiful and memorable. Farewell quotes also make this day beautiful and meaningful. I shared a collection of farewell quotes with beautiful images to celebrate your farewell parties in a better way. These quoted words have a better influence on others, and they remember your words for years.

Best Farewell Quotes


What history says about Goodbye?



Goodbye is not forever…



‘Goodbye’ is a bitter word, which breakdown all the friendships on earth and finished every spread of love. R. Pollok


Say goodbye and move forward…

best farewell quotes
best farewell quotes

Hard to say Goodbye


Farewell Quotes For Friendship

Sometimes we need to apart from our childhood, old friends. It is an extraordinary moment for us because we consider these old friends as friends forever and imagine living and enjoy life in a much better way with them by having a lot of fun.


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Hard to say goodbye to our friends

farewell quotes for friendship
farewell sayings for friendship

Goodbye Friends!

farewell quotes for friends
farewell quotes for friends

There’s no forever friend, and every friend is for a season, then they leave, and sometimes you will never fully recognize their significance in your life until you say goodbye


True friends don’t say goodbye…



I’m not telling goodbye to my companions...


Farewell Quotes for Coworkers

We leave college or universities and, after that, start a job in any organization. But we struggle for better, and when we get an excellent opportunity, we leave our organization. Sometimes, we promoted and need to go to one office and join another like head office. Maybe we need to retire for a job. In all these situations, our colleagues give us a farewell to show how fantastic time passed with you. (Also read: happy birthday quotes for friends)


Good luck in all your ventures…

farewell quotes for colleagues
farewell quotes for colleagues

I’m sad to see you go…

farewell quotes for colleagues at work
farewell quotes for colleagues at work

Don’t be sad; life will reward you a brand new hello, be brave, and say goodbye to the past.


Goodbye glad to work with you…



We need to say Goodbye!

farewell to my colleagues
farewell to my colleagues

Farewell Quotes For Bosses

Not only we sometimes our bosses like our senior teachers need to leave the job and take rest for future life. This time we give him a farewell party to realize his value and provide honor to him for his services for us. You can read farewell quotes for the boss in the below list:


Farewell to the boss…

farewell quotes for boss
farewell quotes for boss

Want a loving boss in future like you, goodbye…

goodbye to loving boss
goodbye to loving boss

You could be there by the path, faking a smile, pretending to be happy that they are chasing their dreams, but deep down, you know it breaks you to see them go. You could be there by the path.


Goodbye to hardworking boss…

farewell to the boss
farewell to the boss

A Farewell To Arms Quotes

In different countries, like other department arms, forces are well disciplined and have followed the rules and celebrate many occasions and parties rather than other national departments. Most of the armies of the world give farewell to all his Generals as well as other soldiers. Their way of giving a farewell to arms quotes are amazing.


Shake hands with today…

a farewell to arms quotes
a farewell to arms quotes

I don’t forget you even I go to heaven.


Time to say goodbye…

time to say goodbye
time to say goodbye

We started any relationship with a simple “Hello” and ended with a problematic goodbye with tears.


Some people leaves footprints on our heart…

goodbye to my love
goodbye to my love

To start a new lesson in life, you must say goodbye to the previous experience.

Emotional Farewell Quotes



emotional farewell quotes
emotional farewell quotes

We will meet again when we’re slightly expecting it, and I will identify your face, I won’t say goodbye my true friend, for you and I will meet again. Tom Petty


I hate the word “Goodbye”

emotional farewell sayings
emotional farewell sayings

I have learned a lesson in the whole journey of my life that letting go away from someone doesn’t mean loving less. Alex Elle


Two hardest things to say…



good-bye sayings…



Goodbye! Make you think about what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted.

Funny Farewell Quotes

Not all the farewell quotes and sayings are serious, and there are many situations when we make this moment more enjoyable by saying funny farewell quotes. When we give farewell to our friends, then there is more fun than seriousness.


Goodbye is a crazy thing…

funny farewell quotes and sayings
funny farewell quotes and sayings

Please don’t leave me alone with these funny people.


Great to know you’re going away…



To say “goodbye” to someone you are in a relationship like friendship, in love with a girl, colleagues, boss, and co-workers; is difficult but it doesn’t mean you lost them forever and not see them again in your life. It the part of life, new friends and people are coming to fill their space and if you are luck you will meet your old friends too. Try to share farewell and goodbye quotes with them on farewell.

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